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Notes to Translation

The words in English we invite you to wander about right know now are the result of a first effort to make this cartography more accessible to other people and perspectives. We have selected and translated the main elements of the cartography that we made in portuguese to present to English speaking people the existence of the amazing culture, life and resistance of the Tupinambá of today. We regret in advance for any errors in this translation: this is a work in progress. We would like to continue when we have access to resources and means to do so. We had to make the translation ourselves, although we are not qualified for this type of work. So if you can help us, please make contact. Even though, we thought that despite the mistakes it was worth it to try to open the access to the Tupinambá territory to English speaking people who share our desire to built worlds different from those of the colonization.

All the website is in english inclusively we subtitled all the videos. If you do not see the subtitles just try to change the youtube subtitles settings. Unfortunately, we already know that the subtitles do not appear automatically in devices from Apple like iPad and iPhone. Users of this devices will have to set the subtitles manually. If the subtitle icon is not available at the lower right corner of the video one thing you can try is to switch to fullscreen and see if it appears. Another alternative suggested by Apple is described in this link:

The words that compose the main image of the cartography, the map made of connections that you see at the home of the website are the only thing that we deliberately not translated. We made that choice because we would have a serious problem to use english words, since we thought it was important to built the relations that compose the cartography image trough the native words. We tried our best to built the map upon the Tupinambá way of bringing up questions and expressing them. So we chose to maintain the terms the Tupinambá used, knowing that the words themselves have power and it is important for English speakers to have the contact with this way of expressing.

Another important thing to notice is that this website does not have all the contents of the portuguese version. We have selected some of the strongest lines, favoring the plurality of perspectives and trying to generate a representative sample of the different subjects who compose this cartography. Also, all lines and texts organized in this website are the result of the exchanges occurred at the specific time of this work. Finally, we would like to reaffirm that this cartography has no claim of universality. Nevertheless, we believe this contents can get you a step closer of the richness and beauty of the Tupinambá life and struggle. We hope you enjoy the journey!

Portuguese Version