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Why we are against the copyright! But decided to use it anyway…

Intellectual property is, at the present, severely questioned. It can be said that intellectual property, especially copyright, is no longer in consonance with the new ways of life and production as it was until recently. Emerged and consolidated in the last two decades several sets of thought, licenses and practices operating in the sharing and collaboration field, questioning the Copyright. The main and most widespread are the Copyleft and Creative Commons. But we have also seen recently, together and within this movement, the developing ways to turn the momentum of sharing and collaboration in forms to follow exercising exploitation, control and capitalist accumulation. One example we have been trough was in the art activism field. One of the opening exhibitions of the Rio Art Museum (MAR) was based on works relating squatting and housing movements and art-activism.

The problem is that the Museum is part of a partnership of the State with the Roberto Marinho Foundation (held by the biggest media company of Brazil), being one of the major operations of gentrification processes that are going on in recent years in the city of Rio de Janeiro. This exhibition brought up a great debate about the use and reproduction of works in permissive licenses without the consultation of people involved with the works in contexts involving large companies and/or state initiatives that feed or produce gentrification processes.

The results of these debates did us think that just “give up of the property” can be something quite lucrative for very specific people and that the “abolition of copyright” carried out by some proponents of a Utopian digitalism therefore does not attack the relations of exploitation. So for something like that does not happen again we are using the copyright at the moment. However, we do not do it with the intention of retaining the use or to have exclusive control over this work. Thus, if you want to reproduce this work or create a derivative work please contact us explaining your purpose and we will, quite happily, allow you to use it if the intended reproduction and its intentions fits into these perspectives:

1. The derivative work or reproduction can not be linked to large companies or be used by individuals or companies intending to capitalist accumulation or be based on exploitation and subjugation;

2. The generated reproduction or work (derivative work) should allow, and encourage, not only passive and individual consumption, but also and especially – if possible – their productive use by others;

3. The reproduction or derivative work intend to decrease social and economic inequalities;

4. The reproduction or derivative work strengthens the processes of struggle whether in the country or in the cities;

5. The reproduction or derivative work have a disorganization dimension of power relations for the affirmation of other relations, anchored in self-worth and self-determination.


To use or reproduce the site and its contents contact us at:

brunotarin [at] tupivivo [dot] org

lailasandroni [at] tupivivo [dot] org