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Posted on 29/6/13

Women have an essential role in the Tupinambá life and struggle. At the beginning of the movement, most of the leaders were women. The first chief elected by the Tupinambá in 2002 was precisely a woman, who at the time was a teacher. They are women warriors who make spring from the ‘retomadas’ the creation and feminine innovation. They organize, participate in and strengthen the movement, while looking after their home and family. The women’s council stirs and encourages relatives to ‘be in the culture’ as well as being a sharing space for them, facing the fear that is imposed to them through everyday threats and violence by the police and the farmers.

Without demarcation of the territory, the strength, the struggle and the creativity of the women warriors can not achieve the means to flourish freely. The female is creation, innovation and reproduction, which values the zeal of things and people, making it possible to think about a world where different cultures and natures have room to grow and develop themselves.



We indigenous women are, each and every day, occupying more space within our communities. We have the same rights to fight, work and study to achieve our goals, and the main one is the conquest of our territory. We have people trained and skilled in several areas, that still are mothers, and the ‘home queen’. Valdelice is a woman warrior who fights for her people, seeking improvements to her community, but like all women, she is also a mother, has her home, and we know that prejudice by a large part of non-Indians is very large, increasing the charges around the community.

Text extracted from a letter to support Cacique Valdelice – Jamopoty in the occasion of her arrest



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